Single point Lightsource, LED plans

Buying an exposure unit can be expensive, on top of maintaining your art practice and materials.

Buying an exposure unit can be an expensive endeavor for any artist wishing to set up their first home studio or shop. Having recently graduated with my Master's of Fine Arts, gaining access to a fine art print shop is no easy task. After realizing that access was limited and hard to come by, I decided to build my own LED exposure unit with a single point light system. The cost would total around $400 for the light source, glass, and wood structure. Now with the plans I have come up with you could retrofit the unit to have vacuum top. So to start out light source is important, having traversed the internet and personal resources, I have come to the conclusion that a single light source that is able to cure the emulsion on the screen quickly and also not have undercutting on the image being burned to the screen. I found the best result for this is a UV Blacklight Floodlight which I will link here: . This specific light should cure emulsion within about 30 seconds to 1 minute.